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Since I Found FaceDoctor, I’ve Never Used Other Products for my Rashes

Until I began using the FaceDoctor products, I hadn’t found a line of effective skin treatment for rashes that wouldn’t just focus on getting rid of the symptoms. I have extremely sensitive skin that reacts awfully to the slightest change in routine or environment. I use to joke saying I got skin rashes because of skin rashes, because it felt like my skin reacted to anything for no apparent reason. I was searching for a sea buckthorn oil soap that was both affordable and effective when I saw the FaceDoctor products for the first time at my health store. I thought at first that something that cheap couldn’t be an effective natural skin treatment but was willing to give it a shot. I’m so glad I did! I know this will sound exaggerated, but I felt improvements in the first day I used the soap. It feels like a product that works together with my skin to regenerate it, and not just tones down the symptoms.

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