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The Day I Learned FaceDoctor Medicated Soap Was the Best Product for Long Lasting Results

I used to be happy with my time-of-the-month acne. We lived joyfully together for a good ten years or so. But then, there came a time that the pimples wouldn’t disappear no matter what tricks I tried. I was losing a battle that I had no idea how it had started. I hadn’t made significant changes in my daily habits, so it couldn’t be that. My diet hadn’t changed either, but my skin seemed oilier than usual and had lost its former healthy glow. I needed an effective natural skin treatment to restore my skin’s balance, and a brand came to my mind almost immediately, FaceDoctor. I had used their natural acne soap once before, during a particularly wild breakout of acne. I already knew they had the best acne medication soap, but I wasn’t sure if it would work in the long term. Well, two months later and my skin is back to normal. I didn’t even have acne during my period, and that’s a first!

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