Eczema Care

I Use FaceDoctor Soap on My Toddler’s Eczema Because I Trust It

As a parent, you obviously want the best for your children. But these days it’s so easy to get lost in all the blog posts with advice on parenting, that there will come a time when you’ll question yourself if you’re doing the right thing. And suddenly you’re afraid to follow your gut instinct. When my toddler was diagnosed with eczema I heard all the tips from everyone from concerned family members to the cashier at the supermarket. I tried to be polite but in fact, I was overwhelmed. All I needed was a natural skin treatment that wouldn’t harm my kid and would help with the symptoms. FaceDoctor’s sea buckthorn oil soap was my best find and I can’t even remember who recommended it to me. Whoever it was, I’m grateful. It’s the best skin treatment soap I could hope for and I trust it. As a parent, I would recommend it to others, for sure.

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