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Monsoon and hair care

Whatever be the season, it’s a challenge to keep one’s hair soft and healthy. This is because frequent seasonal changes and pollution have a major impact on your hair. But when it comes to hair care, people are more concerned in the summer and ignore them completely during monsoon. This is not good because rain can play chaos with your hair.

Its effects

When it rains the environmental pollution may also come down with the rain. Many people never mind to wash their hair after getting caught in the rain. This may leave a toxic remnant on the hair and makes the hair tend to come out in clumps. So a regular hair care routine will help you to deal with these seasonal woes in a long run. Also, if not cared for, hair can be affected by infections. Often hair reacts to this virus attack by going into a shedding state. Hair may also become greasy, oily, dry or lifeless as a reaction to cold. But there is no need to worry because these are all temporary changes.

For hair infections you can use vitamin B complex, which has many anti viral properties. But it’s better not to depend on medications, which could have many health hazards. It’s better if you treat your hair externally without any intake of medicines. For that purpose one company, Face Doctor has introduced hair care products suitable for all your needs. Two of their widely accepted hair care products are Hair& Scalp Doctor antibacterial shampoo and Hair & Scalp Doctor conditioner. Made from rich herbal extracts like Sea buckthorn oil both these products help in making the hair soft and healthy. This anti bacterial shampoo is very effective against fine and weak hair. It is specially formulated to promote healthy, clean and lustrous hair on formerly itchy and flaky scalps. Its daily application removes all the residues from the scalp and makes it suitable for hair growth. Now to make the hair soft and silky it is necessary to condition it thoroughly. It will help to remove the dryness from the hair and adds the necessary moisture content to the hair.

Some tips to remember

It is much better to keep your hair short during monsoon. Short hair will be much easier to maintain during rainy seasons.

Do not tie your wet hair. This could promote the development of dandruff.

Don’t rub your wet hair hard with a towel. Dry it properly to avoid hair damage.

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