Acne, Acne Soap

I Was Surprised by Adult Acne but FaceDoctor Came to the Rescue

I’m sure it didn’t happen this way, but all I remember is waking up one day to a face full of tiny pimples on my chin and around my nose. At first, I thought it was some kind of food poisoning but I couldn’t remember eating anything that could’ve caused this. After one week with pimples not going away, I decided to see a dermatologist who confirmed my fear. I had adult acne. It might be cured but I’d better be used to living with it for a long time. My best option was to find a natural acne treatment that I could use often and that wouldn’t damage my skin. I searched for the best acne care products and settled for FaceDoctor based on the health store’s employee advice. She used it herself and she looked great, frankly. I use the medicated soap and the beauty cream and it’s been a very effective natural skin treatment so far. My skin is slowly going back to normal.

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