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I Only Use This Natural Product on My Oily Skin

I can’t remember a day when my pores weren’t the size of volcano craters! I envy all the women who have the perfect complexion in all those face cream ads. I know for a fact that they must be robots. Either that or I lucked out in the genetic lottery. I think I’ve done all the do’s and don’ts to keep my oily skin under control, without much success. Well, actually I had success but nothing seemed to last for longer than five hours. And I’m not one to rush into the ladies room to touch up or walk around with all my face creams and soaps in my purse. The FaceSurgeon Medicated Soap made me forget all the others so-called best skin treatment products. This is the best skin treatment soap in the market, one that I use with results that get me through the whole day. This is the best skin care soap so you can throw away everything else you have in the house.

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