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My Teenage Daughter’s First and Last Zit Thanks to FaceDoctor

When my daughter had her first period, we celebrated with a girls night out. We had prepared in advance, buying everything she’d need for that day, so when the time came we were ready to do nothing else but toast with colorful mocktails. There was one thing I hadn’t prepared for: acne. Neither I or her father had had acne problems as teenagers, so I wasn’t expecting that big zit on her cheek the next morning. She was devastated! I knew keeping her skin clean was a priority so I went to our local health store in search of a natural acne soap. She needed something with fast results but gentle on her skin, so a natural acne treatment was the best solution. I got her the FaceDoctor soap. She used it as any other teen acne soap, but I found the results to be more long lasting. So far, that nasty zit incident has been the only one of her young life.

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