How I Finally Got Rid of My Adult Acne

I got rid of the acne on my face but never got rid of the one on my chest and my back. I had tried everything from sunbathing to mud baths, from eating more vegetables to stop drinking alcohol altogether. Nothing worked. I was looking for a natural skin treatment like a powerful lotion that would make it go away for good when a neighbor advised me to look for a natural acne soap instead. Her husband had had the same problem for years, and keeping the skin clear of bacteria was more important than whatever cream I decided to use. Especially if you’re a lazy guy like me who would grab the first 2 in 1 product he could find. The FaceSurgeon Medicated Soap is the best acne medication soap I’ve tried that actually shows results without having to use a bunch of other products. I would’ve given up by now if I had to go through a long beauty ritual every morning.

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