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How My Sister Helped Me with My Acne with FaceDoctor

I know most guys my age won’t admit, but we care about how good we look too. We just don’t go around discussing it like girls do. I hate having acne. It’s uncomfortable to shave and the pimples look gross. All those products at the pharmacy I used as teenage acne treatment were making matters worse. I could feel my face itch all the time and the more I scratched, the more my pimples got infected. My big sister was the one who helped me out and lent me her FaceDoctor’s natural acne soap to control the outbreaks. I wasn’t really convinced that the best acne care products could be natural, but I was desperate. Three weeks later and I got the guys at school texting me to know if I had a peeling done or something. When I tell them about what I’m using, I’m pretty sure they’re asking their moms to buy it for them.

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