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How FaceDoctor Helped Me Heal My Rosacea and My Shyness

There’s a reason why for years I was always the person behind the camera in all the family photos. It did help me to develop skills and become a portrait photographer (which I love) but my mother wishes she’d have more photos with me besides the ones she has from when I was a little girl. Well, this year I wanted to give her the Christmas gift of being in the photo. For that, I needed to find a natural rosacea treatment that would control the Human Demodex parasite (the little “bug” responsible for all of this) and help me reduce facial redness. I found FaceDoctor’s sea buckthorn oil soap about a month ago and I confess I’m surprised it’s working. I was a bit skeptical of award-winning beauty treatments because I thought they were all about the publicity stunt. But this one is actually working and my skin is at its best!

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