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FaceDoctor’s Medicated Soap Got Me Back on Selfie Mode

I know it’s such a cliché for a teenaged girl to worry about her looks and don’t get me started on the peer pressure thing. It happens and I don’t know anyone that’s so cool that they don’t have to go through it. A month ago my acne was out of control and I had to stop using makeup for a while to prevent a bigger infection. It was so embarrassing to go to school looking like that. I actually lied and told everyone I was joining the no makeup movement, you know like the celebrities were doing? That bought me some time but I knew I had to find a natural acne treatment soon because everything else was too harsh on my skin and only making things worse. FaceDoctor’s sea buckthorn oil soap was the best thing that happened in my life! It’s a natural acne soap that soothes my skin and the results are amazing.

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