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How FaceDoctor Helped Me Control My Rosacea and Restored My Confidence

Because of my rosacea I’ve always avoided working jobs that demanded a lot of contact with people. I don’t blame them if they stare. I think it’s curiosity, not pity. But it still bothers me. I can’t avoid having a personal life, though, and going out with friends in the days my rosacea is bad is always an issue for me. Disguising it with makeup only makes it worse the next day. Little by little, I started to spend less time going out with them. My best friend was worried and decided to start her quest for the best eczema treatment products to help me. For a while, I was basically her guinea pig and she knew heaps of facts about the disease, including how it was caused by the Human Demodex parasite (something I had never heard of before). FaceDoctor’s natural rosacea treatment was our best find. It’s been a month now and the results are mind-blowing.

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