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How FaceDoctor Helped Me Get My Dream Job

I love acting since as long as I can remember. But growing up with rosacea killed that dream at a very early age. No one would hire someone with a skin condition unless it was for doing publicity for some treatment for skin disorders. So I took the second best thing instead: voice over jobs for cartoons. I could still be creative, but I can’t say I was feeling fulfilled. A colleague of mine told me she also suffered from rosacea and she used a natural rosacea soap from FaceDoctor that she claimed had changed her life. She didn’t seem to have any signs of the disease so I thought she probably had it lighter than me. But I decided to try this miraculous sea buckthorn oil soap anyway. She was right after all! It was the most wonderful product I’ve ever tried! And I’m taking my first steps into acting with some small roles and local commercial advertisements.

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