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How Face Doctor Complexion Soap Helps Reversing the Ageing Signs

Ageing is typically the problem for young looking skin when it starts occurring prematurely. In the initial stage, dryness and wrinkles are commonly visible. It is possible to get rid of these symptoms with the Face Doctor Complexion soap. It is not an ordinary soap but a natural cleanser that works to combat these ageing symptoms effectively and safely.

However, the soap is no ordinary cleanser as well, because it does not only contain the known ingredients such as vitamin E and coconut oil but also a special one known as the sea buckthorn oil. It is this oil that makes soap an exclusive natural healer to treat any type of skin with ageing.

Extracted from the plant of same name, the Seabuckthorn oil is a rich source of vitamin A, E and many types of tocopherols (vitamin E), and natural antioxidants because of high Vitamin C content. As a result, the oil is capable of alleviating the two main symptoms of aged skin such as wrinkles and dryness apart from fine lines and cracks, through cleansing as well as moisturizing. At the same time, the oil’s UV-spectrum indicates a modest absorption of UV-B rays, which makes it an ideal ingredient even for sun care.

Because of the most effective skin-friendly ingredient, the soap can reverse the ageing process.

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