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Has FaceDoctor Won any Awards for its Efficacy

FaceDoctor is a reliable brand in the area of Chinese herbal products and offers superb range of cosmetics that are clinically tested, safe, and effective on any type of skin affected by any skin disease. This is perhaps the reason why it has been received a myriad of awards, such as 14th Annual Salon International Award for inventions in Geneva, The First Chinese National Invention Award, The National Chinese May 1st Labor Award, and The Chinese State General Medical Bureau Award.

The products by this brand feature a formula that is the result of the dedicated, 30-year research on a solution that has the capability to heal all skin disorders including psoriasis and rosacea, regardless of the intensity or frequency of symptoms. The formula is truly natural because it is made using plant-based, skin-friendly ingredients including glycerin and Vitamin E.

Of all, the most active ingredient is the Seabuckthorn oil that is recently accepted by the experts as a deep cleanser, moisturizer, and demolisher of the Demodex parasites that are lately found to add to the exacerbation of myriad of skin and hair ailments.

Perhaps, these facts also encourage the skin and hair specialists to recommend FaceDoctor products to their patients.

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