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Growing a Beard vs Controlling Teen Acne? FaceDoctor for the Win!

When my son entered puberty last year, he asked his father for facial hair advice and asked me for acne control advice. He was sure he had all figured out until he realized acne and growing a beard don’t always match up. My husband had the brilliant idea of saying that after shave disinfects all. Well, it only made the acne outbreak worse. I gave him FaceDoctor’s natural acne soap instead. The last thing you want at that age is having your skin working against you. My tip of acne treatment obviously worked and within days his face was clearer and healthier. He’s been advertising FaceDoctor to his friends as the best teenage acne treatment in the market. I think for a while he might even give up on the idea of growing a beard. The girls at his school seem to appreciate a boy who doesn’t follow the trends.

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