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How FaceDoctor Helped Me Control an Acne Outbreak During Pregnancy

When I was pregnant with my oldest son, I had a severe acne breakout in the first trimester. My doctor said it was due to all the hormonal changes my body was going through and that it was perfectly normal. I was fine with that, except the acne never really went away in the following months. Not able to use harsh products filled with chemicals on my skin, I was looking for a natural acne soap at my neighborhood’s health store when I found the FaceDoctor’s medicated soap. I read the labels carefully and was pleased to find out that the most important active ingredient was the sea buckthorn oil. I had heard wonderful things about this oil so I knew I was on the right track. This was the best acne medication soap for my condition and it was so good that my whole skin had a healthier glow (and it wasn’t only because of the pregnancy).

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