No Questions Asked, FaceDoctor Medicated Soap is the Best Against Adult Acne

Wearing makeup and having flawless-looking skin is part of my job as a sales assistant at a cosmetics shop. I spent my puberty miraculously acne free. My first acne outbreak happened one month ago, at age 25. In that morning I tried to cover it up with makeup as much as I could but the minute my manager noticed it she told me I had to call in sick for the day. She couldn’t afford to have her customers think that the products could cause rashes or acne. She told me to get some natural acne soap, get it under control, and come back once the pimples were gone. It had happened to her too in the past so she would let me use my sick days for this. Before I left she handed me a note that read “look for FaceDoctor, the best acne medication soap I’ve ever used”. I’m so glad she gave me that tip because I thought I’d never find a proper adult acne treatment.

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