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FaceDoctor Has Products that Respect My Skin’s Balance

My skin reacts terribly to air conditioning. And these days it’s virtually impossible to find a place without AC. Because my face skin gets dry in these environments, it compensates by producing oil in excess. The acne breakouts follow almost immediately. It took me a while to understand these fluctuations and to find the best natural acne treatment for me. Most products for acne only dried my skin even more which made it produce more oil in excess. As you can see, it was doing more harm than good. I started with the FaceDoctor natural acne soap and immediately after a few days added their beauty cream to my daily routine too. This has been my most effective skin treatment for acne problem because it respects my skin’s balance instead of just working on the problem. That is the most important thing about their products. Also, it’s not a quick fix. The results last longer.

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