Acne, Acne Soap

Why You Should Use FaceDoctor Products Instead of Supermarket-Bought Ones for Acne

The biggest mistake people make about teen acne treatment is assuming that acne is not really a skin condition. They see it as something normal that comes with the territory when kids are going through puberty. Well, to some extent it is. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat it with the same care that you treat everything else. The second biggest mistake people make is buying products for acne in the supermarket. You wouldn’t wash your face with carwash soap, would you? The same principle applies here. Those products might be effective in the short term, but they’re doing nothing for the health of your skin. As a dermatologist, I always tell people to invest in a natural acne treatment and recommend the FaceDoctor brand often to my patients. Their natural acne soap is gentle but works effectively in treating acne. And you can see the results in the long term too.

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