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I Chose the Long-Term Benefits of FaceDoctor over Botox

At the appearance of the first wrinkles, all my friends panicked. And ran to the first plastic surgeon they could find. Our regular afternoon meetings for coffee went from talking about life goals after retirement to discussing the best Botox and collagen treatments. Any resemblance with the Stepford Wives was not a coincidence… were they serious? I would never inject chemicals in my face just to get rid of wrinkles for a short period of time. I was all for the long-term benefits and I knew I wanted to invest my time and money in an effective natural skin treatment. Within days after starting to use the FaceDoctor products I knew they had the best skin treatment products, and they were made with all-natural active ingredients. I believe the sea buckthorn oil makes all the difference. Fortunately, my friends have begun to see it too and changed their minds about all the medical procedures they wanted to do.

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