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Face Doctor Beauty Cream – a Natural Skin Treatment

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Face Doctor Rx is a line of organic skin products all designed to improve the look and feel of your skin – from your complexion to your scalp and all the way to your toes. Face Doctor Rx includes shampoos and body washes, face soaps that are medicated and rejuvenate. Face Doctor Rx may be the last label you’ll buy – that and Derma Pro, its sister product line, are designed to provide complete skin care.

One of the products that we here at Allure Imports, Inc. are most proud of is our Face Doctor Rx Beauty Cream. It offers superior protection to your complexion against one of the causes of dermatological problems – the human demodex parasite. This mite is invisible to the naked eye but researchers have found that it bores into your pores leaving the ugly red marks that you have come to call acne – or other skin problems.

the Face Doctor Beauty Cream is made with a rich oil that nourishes your skin, and other natural nutrients that have been dermatology-tested. Face Doctor Beauty Cream will even out skin tones and improve other distresses – leaving your skin beautiful and healthy. Finally, we believe it is the best moisturizer on the market today.

And…speaking of market, Face Doctor Rx and Derma Pro products are now going to be available in one of the most esteemed retail establishments in the country. That’s right – when you are in need of our body washes or soaps just make a quick trip to your nearest Whole Food Markets and stock up!

Allure Imports, Inc. has an impressive thirty year history. We envision and create products that enhance the human experience always using only natural ingredients found in nature. We have a team of researchers who work tirelessly in Allure Imports, Inc. laboratories to make new products to meet our customers’ needs.

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