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Baby Your Hair and Scalp – Dermatologist Dry Skin Treatment

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Oh sure, everybody knows that dry skin refers to hands and elbows, feet and face – and everything in between.

But your scalp is skin too and there are many instances when it can become dry and flaky! Allure Imports, Inc. has a special line of hair care products to help you combat a dry and flaky scalp while bringing new shine and sheen to your hair. Start with our Hair and Scalp Doctor Conditioner – part of our Face Doctor Rx line. It works on your dry scalp and thin hair moisturizing and thickening each. The active ingredient is sea buckthorn oil, known for the variety of health and beauty benefits it provides.

Of course, if there’s conditioner – there’s shampoo as well. Ours is the Hair and Scalp Doctor Antibacterial Shampoo that is made from all natural ingredients and works in tandem with the conditioner to relieve dry, red and itchy scalps while promoting healthy clean hair.

Sea buckthorn oil benefits can be found throughout both the shampoo and conditioner. It serves to heal and rejuvenate skin anywhere on the body – including your scalp! Too, the shampoo and condition can be purchased separately or together. And remember sea buckthorn oil is also a cleanser!

Allure Imports, Inc. is an all natural health and beauty company – providing a variety of products to our customers to enhance and improve your life. Our Face Doctor Rx products are some of our customers’ favorites – and we invite you to try them yourself to experience the difference all natural products can make.

Please visit our website – and access our catalogue to learn more about our products.


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