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Dermatologist suggested Treatments for Acne

Acne is one of the most troublesome skin condition afflicting adolescents and adults alike. Almost all teenagers will become afflicted with it at one time, and while for most this is a temporary situation some adults will keep on suffering from its effects until they are in their 40s. While mild cases of acne can be a minor inconvenience that is easy to treat with a proper acne soap and facial wash, moderate and severe cases can deal a striking blow to the self esteem of the afflicted person and other means to treat the condition may be in order.

Dermatologist suggested several treatments for acne over the years, some more effective than others. In order to determine what treatment works best for a particular case of acne it is vital to first understand what acne is.

An outbreak of acne can be caused by a wide variety of factors. The most common one being a hormonal unbalance which usually appears during the years of adolescence. However, acne is also known to afflict adults The most common cause for acne where adults are concerned is an overactive hypodermic sebaceous gland. This in turn produces more moisturizing fluids for the skin (sebum) then normal and this is clogging the pores of the skin. In combination with dust, this makes for the perfect environment where harmful bacteria can flourish and thrive.

Dermatologist suggested treatments for mild cases of Acne

For treating mild cases of acne usually a good facial wash twice a day is sufficient in order to keep the acne under control and prevent an acne outbreak from happening. For this dermatologists suggested treatments for acne, like a mild acne soap eventually combined with a lotion that is not based on alcohol. Simply wash the face with the acne soap in the morning after waking up and at night before going to bed. Use only hand warm water and pat the skin dry using a fresh and clean towel.

Dermatologist suggested treatments for moderate cases of Acne

Moderate cases of acne cannot be treated with a facial wash alone. Instead additional products may be required for this dermatologist usually suggest treatments like Benzoyl Peroxide.

Benzoyl Peroxide is an organic substance and used as the main component in most products used to combat the effects of acne. Benzoyl Peroxide is available in various concentrations, in order to be able to treat different stages of acne breakouts, ranging from moderate to severe. Moderate outbreaks can be treated with a 2.5% concentration, while severe cases generally require a stronger variety in the 5% to 10% ranges. Benzoyl Peroxide serves as a anti-microbial, meaning: It eliminates harmful bacteria residing inside the pimple. Therefore it speeds up the healing process. While using Benzoyl Peroxide it is common for the skin to dry up. Therefore, it is recommended to begin the treatment, using a low dose and slowly increase this over time to dose 3 times higher than the original dose. Prolonged use causes the skin to build up a tolerance for Benzoyl Peroxide and once that occurs a stronger concentration can be applied.

Dermatologist suggested treatments for severe cases of Acne

Severe cases of acne are usually treated with oral antibiotics. Even though this method is highly effective, it does not come without risk. The risk doesn’t lie in taking the antibiotics but in creating a strain of acne bacteria resistant to it. Needless to say that should something like that occurs, treating the acne would become very difficult.

In very extreme cases it can be that none of the above mentioned treatments will work for clearing up the acne outbreak. In such cases as a last resort a dermatologist can decide to use laser therapy to burn away the affected areas. Usually additional surgery is involved replacing the affected skin with healthy skin. This is a long and expensive treatment that really should be looked upon as a last resort when everything else has failed.

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