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The Best Skin Care Products are the Simple Ones, Like FaceDoctor

When I first saw what I thought was eczema on my toddler’s skin I hoped it was just a rash. Something he ate or had brushed up against. Maybe he was allergic to something in the house we hadn’t realized. When the doctor confirmed my eczema suspicion, my first question was about the best eczema treatment and how much it would cost us to change all the regular lotions and soaps in the house. I was ready for it but I’m a compulsive budgeteer, so the price factor was important to me. I was pleasantly surprised when he mentioned FaceDoctor’s sea buckthorn oil soap affordability. I was also glad to find out that the best eczema treatment products were often the simpler combinations, so using the soap with the FaceDoctor’s cream was all we needed. And he was right! We noticed the first signs of improvement in the first couple of weeks!

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