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FaceDoctor Works for My Skin, not Against It

Growing up with severe acne outbreaks in a family where everyone seemed to have porcelain skin made me think there was something wrong with me. No matter how many products I tried, nothing worked. Clearly it wasn’t genetic, so why was my skin working against me? It took me several dermatologists to find one who saw beyond the symptoms and focused on the causes. Like any other organ, my skin reacted with pimples and acne outbreaks when it felt to be “under attack.” It was my body’s way to get rid of the excess oil and bacteria. I made significant changes to my diet and included FaceDoctor natural acne soap in my daily routine. It was the first true effective natural skin treatment, and I trust it as the best skin care soap in the market. Today I understand I have to soothe my skin instead of looking for fast gains, all thanks to FaceDoctor.

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