Eczema Care

Why I Only Use FaceDoctor Products for my Child’s Eczema

If eczema is already a pain in the neck when you’re an adult, imagine when you’re only three and someone is telling you not to scratch. I felt like I had seen a dozen different doctors until I found one that believed in using an all-natural eczema treatment. Everything else that had been prescribed before helped with eczema but also shook the balance of my kid’s healthy skin. And I always hated that healing approach of killing everything in sight, even the non-diseased parts. I had tried home remedies a few times but although the results were great in the first couple of days, they wouldn’t last once his body got used to them. The doctor told me FaceDoctor had the best eczema treatment products. They have been a more effective natural skin treatment than the home remedies I’d tried, for sure. They products also respect the overall balance of my son’s skin, which hadn’t happened before.

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