Why I Hate My School Pictures

I had a really hard time growing up with rosacea and I hated that my mom still forced me to take school pictures every year. I hated those red spots and I hated that no matter what face redness treatment I followed, I never saw results. I always looked for jobs I could do from home and that demanded as little face to face interaction with other people as possible. One day when I declinedanother invitation to the office Christmas party, my new manager asked why. I explained my skin condition and was expecting the same reaction. But she asked me if I had ever heard about the Human Demodex parasite and the FaceDoctor products with sea buckthorn oil that helped treat rosacea. The next second I was researching about it online and ordering their soap and beauty cream. As I told my manager one year later at the Christmas office party, that was the best gift I ever had.

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