Why FaceDoctor is the Perfect Travel Companion for Women with Psoriasis

I love traveling but was told that psoriasis and long haul flights don’t do well together. I started with short weekend trips around my country before taking the leap of faith into bigger adventures. Eventually, my country became too small for my traveling dreams. I needed to find an effective natural skin treatment that was easy to use, that I could take with me anywhere and, most importantly, that I didn’t need to worry about refilling prescriptions. I found FaceDoctor products, with sea buckthorn oil as an active ingredient, but was skeptical that a natural psoriasis treatment could work. All the reviews were very positive so all I had to do was try it for myself. The results were immediate and surprising! Within one week of using it, I ordered enough soap and cream for my 6-month solo trip. Sometimes I even forget I have psoriasis.

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