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Until I Used FaceDoctor, I Hid My Eczema for Twenty Years

I’ve been a local television anchor for twenty years now and things sure have changed in regards to public figures. I remember when I started, I had to hide my eczema problems when going to job interviews because I knew it would cause the wrong impression. Who would want to hire a person with a skin condition to be an anchor? Finding the right eczema treatment that would allow me to control the symptoms has been a long battle but I finally found the natural skin treatment I had been looking for. I only began talking openly about my eczema since I started using the FaceDoctor products. Colleagues noticed my skin looked different but couldn’t pin it down. For starters, I was using a lot less makeup. And my skin was finally at peace with the treatment. These are by far the best eczema treatment products I’ve ever used and I wish I could explain to you how light my skin feels now.

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