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Why DermaPro Skin Treatment Kit PLUS Can Beat Burns and Wounds

Regarded as the doctor-formulated and patient-approved kit by Face Doctor, the DermaPro kit having a cream and spray seems to be the most effective product in the market. This is because the cream contains the highest amount of Seabuckthorn oil in the market. Believe it or not; the oil is known to confer several skin benefits, including wound and burn healing.

According to the experts, burn wounds tend to heal faster when palmitoleic acid or Omega-7 essential fatty acid is used as a remedy. Interestingly, the oil contains sufficient amount of this acid, which is a vital component for the overall skin’s health as well. Therefore, the Seabuckthorn oil in the beauty cream accelerates the burn healing process. To this, just add the benefit of rich Vitamin C content that ensures glowing new skin.

In case of wounds, what is significantly required as a remedy is the set of flavanoids. A wounded skin gets quickly healed with flavanoids, which is a fact proven by many studies done until now. More often than not, the essential flavanoids are present in nature as pigments in plants. Seabuckthorn oil is also extracted from a plant that is rich in flavanoids.

The ingredients of the Seabuckthorn oil make the cream and spray ideal for healing burns and wounds.

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