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Most people are unaware of the many things that can go wrong with your skin. One of the most problematic challenges is rosacea, This is a condition where certain facial blood vessels enlarge, giving the cheeks and nose a flushed appearance. Sadly, it is a look that some mock in cartoons and movies, likely not realizing that it is a condition that can appear as small red and pus-filled bumps on the face, and there is nothing funny about it to the sufferer.

There is actually quite a bit that is known about rosacea. For example, it usually occurs after the age of 30, and is a chronic presentation – coming and going as it flares up and then goes into remission. Most often it appears on the chin, cheeks, forehead and nose, but can also appear in other places on the body. There is no cure – and doctors cannot even trace the source. So…what can be done?

Well, Allure Imports, Inc. is a natural, organic health and beauty product company that has been in the business for thirty years. We have our own laboratories that employ experts in the field of dermatology and have forged several products of which we are quite proud and feel can offer some relief to the rosacea sufferer. One of our most popular items is the Derma Pro Facial Foam Cleanser. This is a gentle face wash made from natural plant and herbal extracts that will mildly wash away germs and dirt and leave only clear, clean skin. Derma Pro Facial Foam Cleanser is a natural rosacea treatment as well as a treatment for skin disorders in general.

We invite you to visit our website to learn more about Derma Pro and Face Doctor Rx products. Our goal is to help customers find their way to beautiful skin – even if it’s only one person at a time! Also we would love to hear about your experience with Derma Pro Facial Foam Cleanser and our other products.


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