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They Bullied Me in the Locker Room Because of My Back Acne and then I Found FaceDoctor

I was able to hide my back acne for a long time until I made the school’s swimming team. The first day I was bullied by everyone in the locker room. They told me my back looked gross and that if I didn’t do anything about it, hair might begin to grow. I went home crying and didn’t want to go back to the team ever again. My mom was worried and tried to convince me to go back but the year was lost for me. We filed a complaint with the school and the coach suspended some of the girls indefinitely but I still had to find an effective natural skin treatment for my acne problem. It was actually the coach who mentioned FaceDoctor’s natural acne soap, something she used regularly to minimize the effects of constant exposure of her skin to chlorine. It’s a natural skin treatment so it feels very comfortable and mild.

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