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Are you suffering from scalp folliculitis? Here’s how you can fix it

I didn’t know what scalp folliculitis was until my hairdresser noticed the little red bumps on my scalp. My scalp had been particularly itchy in the last months but I assumed it was because of the shampoo I was using. In fact, whenever I changed shampoos, the itch would stop for a few days. It had never occurred to me that I could be suffering from something called scalp folliculitis, but the symptoms were all there: the bumps, the hair loss (that I assumed was normal for the season), the itch, the flaky skin.

This skin condition is treatable and it’s usually caused by bacteria or fungus. The only problem for me was I didn’t want to use some over-the-counter shampoo that would fix my scalp but leave my hair dry. It had happened before and it had taken me months of treatment to recover the silky look and feel of my hair.

My hairdresser was the one who introduced me to Hair & Scalp Doctor Antibacterial Shampoo, despite the fact that she should be pitching me one of the salon’s hair care products. It’s not that those products wouldn’t help me, but they wouldn’t fix the problem for good. This natural anti-bacterial shampoo, however, did. And it only took me two weeks to restore my scalp’s health.
I like the idea of using only organic products and I was surprised with this one. I had never used an all-natural product that worked in such a short time and with long lasting results. I definitely had been using the wrong products so far!
Even if you don’t suffer from a particular skin condition, you should switch to this shampoo immediately. It respects the balance of your complexion and controls the amount of yeast needed to keep a healthy scalp.

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