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Skin care Problems? You Might Need a Face Doctor!

Nobody said life was easy…but nobody said it would throw you curve balls like problem skin. And who knew just how many problems there could be? Of course almost every human being experiences acne at some point in their life – but for a portion of the population it follows them right into adulthood.

Or maybe you have eczema. Roascea? A rash that won’t go away?

We are here to ‘save the day’. We are Allure Imports, Inc. – a proud vendor of all natural skin care products that offers dermatologist skin treatments that are tested in our own laboratories. Our Face Doctor Rx line includes our Face Doctor Complexion Soap, Face Doctor Rejuvenating Soap and Face Surgeon Medicated Soap. Each of these cleansers are designed to target different skin problems but all will leave you pleased with the results.

We also have a Face Doctor Beauty Cream to round out the line up – and we are confident you will look forward to viewing yourself in the mirror in only a matter of weeks. That is because our advanced dermatology skin care line is appealing to everyone!

So, don’t wait another day. Visit our website, browse our products to learn more about our organically-based and dermatologically-tested products and then order some for yourself.

You’re welcome!

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