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Rosacea Doesn’t Stop Me from Having Fun Anymore Thanks to FaceDoctor

I love snow and cold weather, but spending my holidays in harsh weather conditions are great for my soul but awful for my rosacea. After trying almost every product I could find in the cosmetic shops to disguise my rosacea, I decided it was probably time to work on the source of the problem. That’s when I started searching for a natural rosacea treatment that would be harsh on my skin condition but gentle overall. For optimal results I knew I needed to control the Human Demodex parasite from spreading and the best way to do it was to find a product with sea buckthorn oil for an active ingredient. I also needed to find something affordable since I’d have to use it for a long time and this active ingredient isn’t one of the cheapest around. Fortunately, the FaceDoctor’s skin care line ticks all the boxes on this check-list.

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