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Why I Recommend FaceDoctor to People with Rosacea

As someone who has tried a million different products to treat my rosacea, I only recommend FaceDoctor’s sea buckthorn oil soap to anyone suffering from this skin condition. There is no secret formula, no tricks, just really smart product development. No wonder their treatment for skin disorders has won awards! Instead of focusing solely on relieving symptoms, FaceDoctor’s natural rosacea soap works on the root cause of the disease by reducing the chances of the parasite to spread. For years I was under the impression that once my skin got used to whatever product I was using at the time, my chances of controlling the rosacea outbreaks became slimmer. What would I do? I would move on to the next product, which would work for a couple of months, and then it was back to square one. With FaceDoctor I finally broke that loop. I now use a product that works and with long-term effects.

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