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My Daughter’s Teen Acne Problem was a Real Skin Condition Only FaceDoctor Could Fix

Some kids go through their teenage years without acne (lucky them) or with very small pimples that easily go away with some standard supermarket product (or homemade remedies). In my daughter’s case, it was a real skin condition problem and I don’t even know where she got it from. We changed her diet, we made her sunbathe more often, we advised her to drink more water and cleansing tea, but nothing truly worked as great as FaceDoctor’s natural acne soap. She was so disillusioned with all the versions of teen acne treatment she had tried before that FaceDoctor put a smile back on her face! And her acne wasn’t a matter of vanity! It was a real skin condition. We were constantly trying to cheer her up but she wouldn’t take photos with us or even enjoyed going out with me to try on new makeup. I’m glad we found the best acne medication soap out there to help her out.


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