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Newly Added – the Back Doctor

Back Doctor (18)

You just don’t think about your back – until your back makes you think about it! There are so many things that can throw your back out of whack! I am going to post our Back Doctor ad here – but we’ll revisit the issue in the weeks to come. We here at Allure Imports, Inc. are always working for your heath and fitness – naturally! You can also find tips on pelvic therapy blog at thewawand.com.

  • Vitalizes and activates the self-healing process in the back and spine of the body.
  • The activation of the self-healing shows to help to overcome back pain.
  • The activation of the self-healing shows to positively affect scoliosis.
  • Supports to rejuvenate from muscle strain.
  • The self-healing of the body starts from the bottom (low back) and goes all the way up (neck area).
  • The activated self-healing supports rejuvenation of the join area.
  • The activated self-healing process of the body cells can influence to balance pelvis obliquity.
  • The self-healing process rejuvenates the vertebrae of the spine.
  • Muscles might be indirectly positively affected.



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