My Acne Was Not Just a Temporary Teenager Problem

My friends and I all got our first pimples in the same week. As best friends, we all went to the shopping mall the next day looking for two things: makeup to help us cover it up and the best teen acne treatment we could find. We went back home with a bag full of potions and lotions recommended by what we thought were knowledgeable sales representatives. The next day my friends were fine, but my acne breakouts had tripled overnight. My mom’s dermatologist took a quick look at my skin and browsed the products I had bought. He immediately told me to stop using them and to switch to a natural acne soap. For most people, those products would work but for someone with such sensitive skin like mine, they would only make things worse. The FaceDoctor Medicated Soap is definitely the best acne medication soap for my skin and I’m glad I switched immediately.

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