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My Acne Breakouts Over Gravy and My FaceDoctor Weapon

If you’ve always suffered from acne what is your worst enemy during the holidays? Dessert. And what’s the thing I can’t see myself skipping at the Christmas dinner? Dessert. So, this year I would either try to eat healthy (not gonna happen) or I would find a killer product to keep my acne under control. I have sensitive skin so I didn’t want something too harsh. FaceDoctor’s natural acne soap seemed like a good fit. Plus, the sea buckthorn oil was an active ingredient everyone was raving about at work. Well, it’s been two weeks now and my skin is glowing. I’m pretty sure this is the best acne medication soap in the market in a long time. I can’t remember using a natural product that was this effective in such a short time. Now I can have as much dessert as I want at Christmas dinner. Even if acne breaks out, I know how to fix it now.

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