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How FaceDoctor Has Allowed me to Control My Acne Reactions to Wool

I would love to be able to wear those thick wool sweaters that I see in so many runway shows. But for someone like me with a severe case of adult acne, any fabric that forces my skin to overreact is off the winter clothes wish list. This year I decided to start small and buy a thick wool scarf so my skin has time to adjust. I’ve also ditched all my skin products for FaceDoctor’s natural acne soap. I’ve been using it for a while now and it’s been the best acne treatment I’ve tried in years. I still have to watch out for what I eat and I still can’t use wool for long periods of time, but my acne situation is a lot better when I compare it to six months ago. I’m so convinced that this is the best skin treatment for acne problem that I don’t use anything else beyond FaceDoctor’s products.

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