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Monsoon Beauty Care

After a heavy summer, monsoon comes as a relief to our soul. But remember, monsoon creates more problems for your skin than summer. This is because the high humidity and moist weather can create a lot of skin problems. Skin may get host to several skin infections like acne, fungus infection and skin eruptions. So don’t keep your skin wet for long. Different skin types may act differently to the monsoon.

Dry skin:  The dry skin may tend to get drier and dehydrated during the monsoon. You will feel itchiness and flakiness on your skin. So it is necessary to moisturize the skin regularly.

Oily skin: The oily skin may tend to become oilier and promote acne break outs. So it is necessary to exfoliate your skin twice a day to remove the unwanted oil and dirt from the skin. Don’t over wash your face, since it may stimulate the skin to produce more oil. Also try to use a light based moisturizer.

Combination skin: In this type of skin the T portions are generally oily and other parts are normal or dry. So it is necessary to cleanse and moisturize your dry skin area and exfoliate your oily skin areas regularly.

Monsoon infections

Monsoon is the time our skin gets more prone to skin infections. So we must adopt a special skin care regime for the monsoon. It’s better to use a good anti fungal agent to fight against skin infections. One better option is Face Doctor Rejuvenating Soap. Besides cleansing it also helps in preventing the spread of skin parasites that causes various out breaks. Also for moisturization you can use Face Doctor Beauty Cream. Made from herbal extracts, this magical cream not only protects you from skin dryness but also acts as a barrier to skin infections. Now for exfoliation you can go for Clear Ultra Scrub. Use it accordingly to remove all your facial dirt and impurities. Also don’t forget about your hair. Hair also requires special care during monsoon. During monsoon the environmental pollutants in the atmosphere may come down with the rain. Those who get wet in the rain may be left with a toxic residue on the hair. So it is necessary to wash your hair regularly during monsoon. Use a mild herbal shampoo; preferably face doctor’s Hair & Scalp Anti Bacterial Shampoo for this purpose. Its anti bacterial formula is effective in eliminating the dead skin cells and making the hair fibers strong.

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