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Human Demodex and Rosacea: What’s the Relation between the Two?

It has been quite some time since people know about the skin pores as the breeding spots of several pathogens such as bacteria and mites. However, what has been just recently known is that the common cause of rosacea is hidden in these pores. Yes! It has been lately found that the microscopic mites living in the pores on the skin are contributing to the rosacea mystery. These mites are none other than the Human Demodex parasites.

These mites dwell in the pores of those skin areas where there is an abundant amount of oil, such as in the chest, groin, chest, and T-zone on the face. These mites feed on sebum as well as skin cells. They are very introvert to venture out of the pores where they live, reproduce, and die. However, there are times when they get through the pore lining to enter into the dermis, the second skin layer. When this happens, the parasites might trigger severe inflammation that is visible in the form of pimples (big inflammatory pustules). Researchers have held that such an entry into the dermis is the real cause of a few worst inflammatory symptoms of rosacea.

It has been researched that there are two types of Demodex parasites that dwell in different areas of the pores and trigger various symptoms of rosacea: Demodex Folliculorum and Brevis. The Folliculorum Human Demodex parasite survives in the main area of the pore and is responsible for scaling redness and sensitiveness. On the other hand, the brevis dwells profoundly in the sebaceous glands and is responsible for rosacea pimples and symmetrical rashes.

There is one more debate that bacteria on a Human Demodex mite may contribute to complex activities that trigger rosacea symptoms. According to the Journal of Medical Microbiology, there are many scientific papers that link rosacea skin problems to the existence of the bacteria on Demodex. These problems include flushing, enlargement of oil glands, sensitive skin, broken facial capillaries, and red rush.

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