How I Use My Experience with FaceDoctor to Help Out Other People with Psoriasis

I’ve been suffering from psoriasis since a little girl so I’ve gotten used to the stares and the questions, and the genuine curiosity of parents whose little kids were diagnosed with the disease as well. Their main concern is how to relieve their children’s symptoms without jeopardizing anything else. They basically don’t want a solution that’s too focused on medication alone. That’s why I recommend the FaceDoctor’s sea buckthorn oil soap all the time. It’s mild on the young skin (that’s a big plus) but an incredibly effective natural skin treatment. They’re usually not too keen on using a natural product at first, but once I share my story, show them photos of the before and after, and explain to them that they can expect results in a matter of weeks, they’re start believing this is the best skin treatment for a psoriasis problem. They want the best for their children and the most effective and affordable option for their kids.

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