FaceDoctor’s Products for Psoriasis is Like a Dream Come True

Psoriasis is something you’re born with and you learn how to live with it. Well, you don’t really have a choice, right? The hardest part of growing up with this skin condition is realizing that most of the times your own body seems to be fighting against you. It’s like you’re the invader and your skin is trying to kick you out. I know it sounds dramatic, but I take the expression “crawling out of your skin” quite literally. If there were a trial for a full body skin transplant, there were times when I’d be the first signing up. Fortunately, FaceDoctor came up with a sea buckthorn oil soap that was the answer to a lot of people’s prayers, myself included. This natural skin treatment doesn’t eradicate the illness. I mean, we know it will always be there. But to finally have a natural psoriasis treatment that actually works was, a couple of months ago, beyond my wildest dreams.

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