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How a Stressed Pro-Bono Defense Attorney Counts on FaceDoctor

As a pro-bono defense attorney working for an NGO, my daily stress levels are through the roof. In the days when we’re fighting against the big corporate sharks, my eczema becomes a thousand times worse, which is really uncomfortable when you’re trying to focus in court. I had tried a different number of homemade recipes but none were as an effective natural skin treatment as the FaceDoctor’s sea buckthorn oil soap. I’m pretty sure they have the best skin treatment for eczema problems and I wouldn’t change it for any other product in the market. All the products I had used so far damaged my healthy skin so much, that the benefits of treating eczema were almost irrelevant. Unfortunately, skipping treatment is not an option, especially in the most stressful days, so I’m glad I have FaceDoctor’s soap and beauty cream as my allies. If you’re feeling comfortable in your own skin, there’s nothing impossible.

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