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FaceDoctor Makes My Job at a Cold Toll Booth Easier

The worst time of year for people with eczema is definitely in the winter. For someone like me with a part-time job working at a toll booth, the working days in the cold weather are really rough. But at the moment I couldn’t switch careers, so I had to find an eczema treatment to help me manage my symptoms without compromising the rest of my skin. I searched for months and collected all the online reviews I could about different products. They all promised more or like the same, but only FaceDoctor guaranteed long-term results mainly based on the optimal amount of the active ingredient sea buckthorn oil in its products. They all might claim to be the best skin treatment for an eczema problem but they fail in achieving the right balance of active ingredients and the impact on the whole skin, not just eczema affected parts. That’s the detail FaceDoctor takes into consideration.

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