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Has Your Skin been ‘Traumatized’? Look to Sea Buckthorn Oil Derma Benefits

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Think of all the things your complexion goes through. It suffers sun and wind damage, environmental elements buffet it, it gets plucked, plumped and covered daily with a coating of make-up. Why wouldn’t you expect it to be traumatized? That’s the very definition of the word!

One line of products caters to the trauma your complexion undergoes – Derma Pro Gel is designed to treat rough and oily skin, combat cold sores and clear up irritants that cause unsightly blemishes.

Derma Pro Gel is an organic beauty product manufactured and distributed by Allure Imports, Inc. We are a health and beauty product company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of items that are organic-based. One common ingredient found in many of our products is Sea Buckthorn Oil, a powerful substance found in nature in berries and flowers. It has a host of applications for the entire body, and has been found to be effective in treating skin wounds such as sunburn, acne, changes to the color of skin pigmentation and more.

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