Acne Soap

Facedoctor Rejuvenating Bar: Natural Acne Treatment Soap

There are several external and internal causes of acne known to us until now, such as sun’s ultraviolet rays, pollution, and hormonal imbalance. However, of late, the skin experts have unveiled one more cause of this chronic disorder, which tend to worsen the condition. According to them, acne outbreaks can happen because of the Demodex parasites that have the power to absorb all the vital nutrients as well as trigger inflammation. They are found in the hair follicles and subcutaneous glands under skin. If this is the cause, then one needs such a treatment that can attack the parasites and win the battle permanently.

This is exactly the job of the Facedoctor’s Rejuvenating soap that has won awards in healing acne as well as other skin conditions. Regardless of how intense or worst the symptoms are or what is your skin type, this natural acne treatment soap can improve the symptoms without triggering any cruel side effect. It can do so because its active ingredients can kill the parasites, moisturize the skin, and deeply cleanse the glands. As a result, this is not an ordinary soap but an anti-acne bar that acts as a natural cleanser and moisturizer.

The main ingredient that slays down the causal parasites is the seabuckthorn oil, extracted from the plant of the same name. The oil is also effective in cleansing the remains of the parasites along with the inflammatory signs such as pimples and cysts. For moisturizing, the oil is accompanied by other ingredients such as Vitamin E, water, glycerin, astralgus, coconut oil, and aloe. With no chemicals involved, healing becomes a quick and safe process.

In short, this natural acne treatment soap is suitable for any kind of skin type or for improving any acne symptom. Perhaps, this is also the reason why the dermatologists suggest the rejuvenating soap for reversing the symptoms of acne.

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